InnoPet® Buggy Adventure Black Gold

There is no place for you and your pet to travel in the InnoPet Buggy Adventure. The buggy can be loaded up to 30 kg and has all our latest features. Whether walking or jogging, the InnoPet Buggy Adventure makes it easy to maneuver over rough or soft terrain. Keep accessories ready for you and your pet with the overhead lockable cup holder and the storage basket under the zippered carrier. The InnoPet Buggy Adventure also ensures that your dog or cat lies safely and comfortably, with the thick poly-filled plate cushion, two interior adjustable lanyards and the fully closable compartment. The InnoPet Buggy Adventure includes all our exclusive features. the mesh front window folds up under the hood cover (rather than in the pet compartment), giving your dog or cat more room. The Smart zippers have a pre-zipper with two zippers that make it possible to zip on both sides .. this is unique, the same as with a suitcase. Never baste a zipper again like you do with a jacket every time you use it. The push bar, compared to similarly sized strollers, offers more room to move, so you can easily walk at any pace without kicking the axle. You can store all kinds of things in the basket under the carrier. This basket has a zipper for more security! this buggy also offers a rear entrance. The simple folding mechanism allows you to easily fold the stroller from a button on the handle. The 12 inch wheels are made from durable EFA foam (never a flat tire again) and the front wheel has ball bearings for a smooth and comfortable walk. All in all, this is a buggy that you will enjoy for a long time.
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