Royal Dry Towel

A great towel to dry your dog, it is not just a towel, but a towel that really pulls the moisture out of the coat. Get rid of the regular towel not not absorbing enough moisture. The new had cloth is Super absorbent. The Royal Dry absorbs water and dirt like a sponge, is extremely durable and super soft. The tip for the road!
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What is the secret?
The Royal Dry products contain a special microfiber called chenille. Each “noodle” on the fabric is made from millions of woven ultra-fine threads. As a result, the total surface area is actually much larger than we can see with the naked eye. Thanks to these fibers, this towel can absorb and hold no less than 7 times its own weight!

Microfiber chenille / 100% polyester.

Washing instructions
Machine washable up to 30 °

35 x 81 cm